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Some people enjoy reading a book. Others may perhaps enjoy sailing or playing a round of golf.

It is entirely up to you to draw the line and set your own limits, but regardless of the level of your needs, Sea Lodge Smogen offers the perfect opportunity and environment for you and/or your business. We would simply like to provide a different type of experience in a unique setting.

Here at Sea Lodge, it is the season that determines what happens and the activities that occur!


Consequently, during a stay with us you will always be able to benefit fully from the very best that Sea Lodge and Smogen have to offer.

We aim to ensure that your expectations when coming to Smögen should always be matched by the feeling we wish to communicate and that you leave after having experienced something entirely new.

Our mission with the Lodge concept is to work in accordance with our core values of: ENVIRONMENT, FOOD and ADVENTURE.


The hotel section is comprised of 15 rooms, for single or double occupancy. Each room is tastefully furnished with beds designed by Carpe Diem. All rooms have their own face basins. Showers and toilets are in the immediate vicinity.
The majority of rooms offer a breathtaking view of the Smogen archipelago and Hallo lighthouse.


Sea Lodge is the very first and only gourmet restaurant in Smogen to be accredited by the West Sweden culinary certification body.

Motivations for the accreditation are:

- Superb standard of cuisine

- High proportion of local produce

- Utilises the culinary traditions of the region in an innovative way.

- Turns each meal into an extraordinary gastronomic experience

Our restaurant is fully licensed and serves meals that draw their inspiration from the ocean, in a non-smoking milieu. You can enjoy pleasant dining and drinks by the fireplace or directly on the waterfront.

We also offer catering facilities to meet your needs, both on land and at sea and can help you organize a wedding or other major event, to be held on or off premises.


For reservations and further information, please contact us

on +46 (0) 523-703 02 or via email info@sealodge.se.

We would appreciate receiving all correspondence in Swedish or English.




Vi har stängt för säsongen och öppnar åter i vår. Under vinterhalvåret öppmar vi endast lokalerna för konferenser och större sällskap.

Kontoret och administrationen

är öppen vardagar

mellan 9-16 för bokning av konferenser, grupper och paket.

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+46 (0)523-703 02